Angry Chair Music, LLC

by Mike Barbiere

Music Projects

Here's the projects I'm currently involved in. These projects are performing at various venues across the state.

Lead Guitarist

As a lead guitarist, I'm bringing an undeniably unique sound to The Bottom Most's 90's-grunge feel. Together we're creating a progressive pop/punk movement that will stand against any modern rock act. Our new album will drop this October.


Currently in the post-production phase of recording my first feature album as a singer/songwriter. Created initially back in 2018, and I finally have a release date for my debut record: Long Ago Hurt. Expected: September, 2024.

Come see where I'll be playing next! Check out my performances calendar.

YouTube Channel

Having performed dozens of times at various venues, including stages, breweries/distilleries, bars & restaurants, and more, my experience as a musician goes beyond the rehearsal and recording studio.

Explore the numerous different events that I've participated in, and follow-along with where I'll be playing next! Could be at stage near you!

Entertainment Services

Diverse Musical Collaborations

Collaborating with a variety of artists and performers in different projects. Including writing, rehearsal, recording, and performing music.

Ongoing Community Involvement

Continually working and improving my technique, upgrading my gear, and refining my showmanship skills.

Votes of Confidence

What other singers, songwriters, guitarists, and vocalists have to say.

Working with Mike on his feature full-length album has been an amazing experience, and we've grown tremendously together professionally. Highly recommend!

Dylan S.
a woman singing into a microphone on stage
a woman singing into a microphone on stage

Cloud Factory Recording Studios

Mike's talent as both a rhythm and lead guitarist has exceeded my expectations in terms of talent. He's at some next level stuff.

person playing drum
person playing drum
Travis L.

Backroom Studios